How to Find an Ocean Monument in Minecraft

While exploring the world of Minecraft, there is nothing more exciting than randomly coming across a naturally generated structure. The game has a lot of different structures that players can explore.

The best part about these structures is that they may have loot chests with diamonds, emeralds, and other rare items.

In this article, we will learn about ocean monuments and how to find them in Minecraft.

Ocean Monument in Minecraft

Ocean Monument is the biggest underwater structure that generates naturally in Minecraft. It is so big that it is recommended that you carry at least a few water breathing potions with you and enchant your helmet with Respiration.

Where to find

ocean explorer map

As you can guess from the name, the ocean monument spawns in the ocean. Specifically, you will find this structure in the deep ocean, deep frozen ocean, deep cold ocean, and deep lukewarm ocean biomes. You could spend a lot of time trying to find one monument in the ocean. Good thing that there are ocean explorer maps that you can get from apprentice-level cartographers. Usually, it will trade this map in exchange for fourteen emeralds and a compass. 

With the help of the map, you can figure out the direction you need to move to get to the closest ocean monument. Just move towards the mark in the map and you will get to the ocean monument eventually.

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What is inside an ocean monument

inside ocean monument

Ocean monuments have three elder guardians and a lot of guardians. These are dangerous mobs that are capable of attacking you from a range. Upon death, they drop prismarine shards that can be used to craft various prismarine blocks. The structure itself is made of the same blocks.

The monument has multiple rooms with pillars and walls made of prismarine blocks and sea lanterns. Around the centre will be a treasure room with eight gold blocks covered with dark prismarine. A sponge room can be found sometimes that has a lot of wet sponge blocks.

Ocean monuments are probably one of the most dangerous places in Minecraft. Before you tread into the guardians’ territory, make sure you are prepared for a battle. While you are here, also check out our other helpful game guides:

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