How to get Weeping Vines and Twisting Vines in Minecraft

Once you start your survival journey in Minecraft, you will soon find yourself looking for items to decorate your house. If your base is somewhere in a jungle or a tree-dense biome, having vines in your base as decoration is a must.

There are a handful of different vines in Minecraft, a few of which were introduced with Minecraft 1.16 and 1.17 updates. 

In this article, we will learn how to acquire weeping vines and twisting vines in Minecraft.

Nether vines in Minecraft

With the 1.16 update, Minecraft’s Nether dimension received new biomes, which also introduced new vines. The weeping vines and the twisting vines are two unique vine items in the game that you may naturally find only in the Nether dimension.

Weeping vines can be found in the Crimson Forest, where they grow on the ground on nylium netherrack or top of giant crimson fungi. Twisting vines are generated similarly but in the Warped forest biome. If you fail to find any naturally grown vines, you can use bonemeal on crimson fungi or warped nylium to get either weeping vines or twisting vines.

Collecting these vines is easy. You can break them with any tool. However, the chances of getting a vine are higher with the Fortune enchantment. Once you have the vines, you can place them on any solid block. Weeping vines can hang from the ceiling and the twisting vines can grow vertically upwards.

Often the vines would grow more than how much you would like them to inside your base. In cases like this, you can shorten the vine by breaking the extra parts and using shears on the tip. Doing so stops the growth of the vines.

Uses of vines

vines being climbed

Aside from using them as decorative items, vines can be used in a few ways. You can replace ladders with vines as they can climb vines in the same way. Vines also increase compost level by 1, 50% of the time.

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