Minecraft: How to Lock a Map

In Minecraft, maps serve as essential tools for explorers and builders, helping you determine your location and the surrounding terrain within the game. You can utilize them to mark locations, construct significant structures, or simply have fun.

In Minecraft, things can change rapidly, and regular maps update to display the most recent changes in the game world, not necessarily reflecting how the area looked when you first created the map. This guide will reveal the secrets of preserving your maps exactly as you want them.

In this guide, we will introduce you to the concept of locking maps in Minecraft to ensure they remain unchanged in the future.

How to Lock a Map in Minecraft

Locking a map in Minecraft is a straightforward process. To lock a map, you will need to gather the following items:

  • Cartography Table
  • Glass Pane
  • One Used Map

Here’s how you can obtain each of these items:

How to Get a Cartography Table

You can create a cartography table using two sheets of paper and four wooden planks. Open a crafting table, place two sheets of paper on the top row, and arrange four planks in two other rows, as shown in the image above.

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How to Get a Glass Pane

Glass Pane recipe Minecraft

Glass panes can be crafted from glass blocks. First, smelt sand blocks in a furnace to produce glass blocks. Then, arrange six glass blocks in two rows on a crafting table to create 16 pieces of glass panes.

How to Get and Use a Map

Minecraft map recipe

To craft a map, you’ll need to gather eight sheets of paper and a compass. Surround a compass with eight sheets of paper in a crafting table to craft an empty map. To utilize this map, hold it and right-click with your mouse in Java Edition or use the button in Bedrock Edition. This action will generate a map of your current location.

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Steps to Lock a Map in Minecraft

lock a map in Minecraft

Once you have the required items, follow these steps to lock a map in Minecraft:

  1. Place the cartography table.
  2. Insert the map into the top slot.
  3. Add a glass pane to the bottom slot.
  4. Retrieve the locked map.

That’s all there is to locking a map in Minecraft. When a map is locked, you’ll notice a lock icon on it within the cartography table. Locked maps are particularly beneficial for players who enjoy crafting intricate map art and wish to ensure that their creations remain unaltered over time.

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